Client Testimonials

Denise has been my personal trainer for a while now and I must say she really listens to you and has the time to sit down and talk through your goals.  She digs deep!  Not just when she’s pushing you to do that last squat!  She finds out your strengths and weaknesses. Mine was always food and sticking to my diet, but she finds ways to keep you on track.

She will cater everything to your needs and is always there when you're having those moments of self doubt.  When you may fall off the wagon, she’s there  to pick you up and spur you on!

She pushes you very hard within your capabilities so be prepared to work!

If you want results, work hard, listen to her and you will get them!


I have known Denise for about 4 years and I can honestly say I have never been in better shape! Not only is she really knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition, her workout plans are totally tailor made to suit your specific goals.

She really knows how to motivate you to be the fittest and healthiest version of you.  I can't recommend her enough!


When I started seeing Denise my body felt very broken and weak. She has been incredibly patient and worked hard with me to build my strength. Motivating me on many occasions when I wanted to give up. I now feel so much better and my constant aches and pains have now gone. I highly recommend Denise to anyone suffering from an injury.


I came to Denise having recently had 2 children looking to change my body composition.
Being of a reasonable fitness level I lacked strength work. Denise pointed me in the right direction of diet - more than twice what I was already eating and we started weekly sessions. I saw results really quickly which was even more of a reason to stay motivated and focused. Also with a change to my diet I had more energy which was much needed running around after a 1 & 2 year old. Thanks Denise : )


Denise has been amazing in getting me to achieve goals I never thought I could - not only that but she is genuinely a lovely person!! I’m so glad I found her xx


Denise is great! She pushes me, doesn't let me off the hook and makes me believe I can do stuff I'd never even attempt on my own.  I feel much stronger physically and mentally as a result.  Thank you!