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My Journey To Bikini Champion


I always dabbled in and out of fitness over the years. When my son was born I struggled to do any fitness so I started to run as it was something I could fit in around our schedules.  It wasn’t serious running, I just wanted to lose weight after having a baby as I wasn’t happy with my shape.


I then got into body pump and did that twice a week until in 2010 my husband suggested that we changed the running into some sort of challenge. So we entered the 2011 NYC marathon! My running increased over the year to longer distances, running 3-4 times a week and still doing body pump.


The picture below on the left was a week after the NYC marathon showing that after all that training my weight and shape never changed.  So how did I become a Bikini Champion?

I stumbled upon kettlebell classes and from that into strength training. That was the start of my journey.  My training changed, my nutrition changed and, as a result, my shape changed. I learned how different foods affected my body. I wanted to see how far I could push myself both physically and mentally so I decided to go for something completely out of my comfort zone and that’s how I got into competing. 


In the meantime, I decided my real passion was strength training and helping others so I qualified as a Personal Trainer, took and wrote Kettlebell sessions for a great bunch of people. Those people inspired me on this journey and supported me all the way to where I am now.

In 2016, I went through "prep" for the first time but instead of competing, I went for a photo shoot with Matt Marsh Photography and even amazed myself with the results you can see from the photos below!

In early 2017, I went through "prep" again and entered my first Bikini competition in June 2017.  I faced my fears head on and got up on stage at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading!  Click on the gallery below to see a few photos from the day!

Bikini Gallery
Bikini Gallery
Bikini Gallery
Bikini Gallery
Bikini Gallery
Bikini Gallery

After working hard on my routine & technique with my posing coach IF BB PRO Phoebe Hagan as well my physique with my fitness coach Tom Ford, in October 2019 I won my first Bikini competition at the Miami Pro event in St. Albans!  Winning this event gained me my "Pro Card" and who knows what the future holds?!

bikini - masters 40+_6595
bikini - masters 40+_6582
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