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Semi Private Personal Training sessions take place on specific times and dates and last one hour. Taking place at Absolutely Fitness in Bracknell, I will take you through your structured training plan in a group session that will involve no more than 4 clients.  

I'll be there to motivate you and ensure correct execution of the various exercises as this is essential to ensure you avoid injury and  gain the maximum benefit from your workout.  Working as part of a group you will give each other support, motivation and a little bit of competition to push you.

In addition, at the beginning of your Personal Training journey I will conduct a full scale audit of dietary habits and we will discuss positive changes that you can make that are particular to how you eat rather than making generic suggestions.  You will receive guidance on calorie intake, macro nutrients and, depending on your individual goals, guidance on possible permutations of food supplements that you could take to enhance your progress and performance.

Progress is tracked and monitored online with regular check ins and recording of workouts, body measurements, progress photos and, if desired, a food diary.  As a Ultimate Health & Training member you'll get access to all of your records via an App or through my website.

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